The Consultation Center Staff Directory
All staff at The Consultation Center

Barboza, Diane

Title/Position: Receptionist & Facility Manager
Area: Administration

Capezzone, Leslie, B.S.

Title/Position: Program Coordinator
Area: Family Violence Program

Civitello, Christina

Title/Position: Receptionist
Area: Administration

Colon, Ingrid, B.A.

Title/Position: Program Assistant
Area: Elder Program

Fedus, Donna, B, M.A.

Title/Position: Director
Area: Elder Program

Flamm, Evelyn, MPH

Title/Position: Evelyn Flamm, Member, Board of Directors

Hammell, Gail, B

Title/Position: Administrator
Area: The Consultation Center, Inc. Programs

Henderson, Cheryl, Ph.D.

Title/Position: Cheryl Henderson, Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors

Hoffman, Erin, B.S.

Title/Position: Research Assistant
Area: Evaluation Research

Mair, Tanisha, B.A.

Title/Position: Research Assistant
Area: Evaluation Research

Melnick, Emily, M.A.

Title/Position: Research Associate
Area: Evaluation Research

Morris, Michael, Ph.D.

Title/Position: Member, Board of Directors

Nelson, Paige, MAR

Title/Position: Coordinator
Area: Drug-Free Communities

Samuel, Rhoda Sachs Zahler, MAT

Title/Position: Rhoda Sachs Zahler Samuel, Member, Board of Directors

Sharma, Galit, M.A.

Title/Position: Galit Sharma, Member, Board of Directors

Shea, Ronald F., MBA

Title/Position: Ron Shea, President, Board of Directors

Stewart, Deborah S, B.A.

Title/Position: Director, Youth Development Training & Resource Center
Area: Adolescent Program

Tebes, Jacob Kraemer, Ph.D.

Title/Position: Executive Director, The Consultation Center

White, Devon T., LCSW

Title/Position: Project Coordinator
Area: Research, Policy and Program on Male Development

Willis, Lisa, B.S.

Title/Position: Financial Assistant
Area: Administration

Windom, Robert, M.D.

Title/Position: Robert Windom, Vice President, Board of Directors