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Derrick M. Gordon, Ph.D., Director
Faculty Profile, Yale University School of Medicine:

In keeping with the mission of the Division of Prevention & Community Research, the area of Research, Policy and Program on Male Development (RPPMD) aims to identify and isolate factors that support and preclude men and boys from being healthy relationship, family, community, and societal members. These goals will be achieved through core prevention and intervention research using both quantitative and qualitative methods, policy development, program development, and community consultation. This area seeks to bring a body of knowledge that reflects the experiences and successes of this population and from this build sound research, policy, and program through the integration of lessons learned. It seeks to understand what resources are needed to support these men and boys successfully attaining the requisite skills to assume a productive role within their family and community systems. Embedded in this understanding is the knowledge that there are assets used within this population that serve as mediators to the stressors impacting them and their experiences. As this work develops, strengthening those protective factors will be a goal of this area.

This work is conceptualized within developmental, ecological, racial/ethnic, cultural, masculinity, and contextual frameworks. It is within these frameworks that we will examine how these factors impact on the experiences of men and boys. Important to this analysis is the role that disparities have on their lives and begin to demonstrate how these disparities are not only impacted by individual factors intrinsic to the men and boys but are colored by the larger relationship, community, and social forces. This work will build on the identification of strategies that maximize the entry of this population of men and boys and, as a result, lend them better able to assume the expected role of positive family and community member.

Our Work:

Health Promotion

  • Health Promotion Among Black Males which tests a model of health care use that links gender socialization, racial socialization, racism experiences, and history in health care settings to Black men's coping efforts, perceived health status, and use of health care
  • PARTNRS Research Collaborative a project seeking to understand HIV/STI risk behaviors, maternal-child health, and relationship changes among young expectant fathers and their adolescent partners as they transition from pregnancy to parenthood


  • Male Involvement Network (MIN) a child and family focused program with the goal of supporting low-income, noncustodial fathers in their efforts to be involved parents and community assets
  • Connecticut Department of Social Services Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Program Evaluation determines participant success in core areas of intervention including healthy marriage, responsible parenting, and economic stability
  • Connecticut Department of Children and Families Collaboration to further enhance and refine programs and services to better meet the needs of young men who have fathered a child(ren)

Prisoner Reentry

  • Building Bridges Community Re-entry Initiative and the
  • Bridgeport Fresh Start Community Re-Entry Initiative
    both of which are designed to facilitate the smooth transition of men from the Connecticut correctional system into the community

Community Consultation

  • Connecticut Department of Public Health Collaboration to develop a culturally appropriate model/protocol to provide information on how to positively engage males (including teens) in developing health, nonabusive behaviors and relationships
  • Family Violence Prevention Fund Consultation to understand the needs of families who experience violence and are under the supervision of the judicial system
  • Consultation to the EVOLVE and EXPLORE Programs to ensure that the curriculum is delivered in a consistent manner, provide training to staff, and address clinical issues as they present

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