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We have been providing services and conducting research for over 30 years. Both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches inform our work, which draws on perspectives from psychology, social work, psychiatry, public health, education, family systems, organizational and systems development, and counseling.

Center Directors:
Jacob Kraemer Tebes, Ph.D., Executive Director
Joy S. Kaufman, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Operations
Nadia L. Ward, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Area Directors:
Donna B. Fedus, M.A., Director, Elder Program
Derrick M. Gordon, Ph.D., Director of the Program on Male Development
David L. Snow, Ph.D., Director Emeritus of Stress & Coping Research
Deborah S. Stewart, B.A., C.P.P., Director of the Youth Development Training and Resource Center (YDTRC)
Tami P. Sullivan, Ph.D., Director of Family Violence Programs and Research